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Get access to the database with real profiles of specialists and find out how much a hired employee may cost

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What can you do with the service

Find employees
by request

subscribe to the service and get relevant resumes on regular basis

Check your knowledge
about labor market

how well do you know salary level of tech workers

Have the necessary
information at hand

get access to the database of employee profiles with a specified market price

Evaluate your capabilities
as an employer

Understand the cost of hiring a team in a particular region with certain technologies

the community

rate resumes in the database, earn points and have an access to the profiles you need

We help the professional community



In professional communities such as Linkedin there are profiles and resumes of specialists, but the market salaries of such specialists are not always known. Not everyone indicates salary expectations, and even if they do, they often do not correspond to the objective realities of the market


Our experts evaluate employee profiles according to market realities of their local market and enter them into a database for easy access

Thus, by finding a suitable profile on a social network, for example, Linkedin, you can use our service to find out its market value

If you have a request for an employee with a specific profile, then use the search by key parameters - technology, position, employee cost range

For whom the service may be useful and why

Our service will be useful for those,
who work with the job market and hire employees


Get access to a database of passive candidates, many of whom do not appear in the public domain

Human Resource Professionals

Get access to an extensive list of actual profiles with estimated cost

For managers

Check knowledge of labor market

For directors of companies

Find out the cost of hiring a team by region in certain technologies

How much does it cost?

If you want to be useful to the community, you can use the service for free - evaluate resumes of specialists and earn points for which you can open access to your favorite profiles

If you need an automated selection of candidates for specific requirements, then pay attention to the proposed subscription plans. If you are looking for a specialist for one position, the single-search option is suitable. Use the multi-search plan to hire a cross-functional team. If you are a professional recruiter and want to have free access to the profile database, then contact us and we will discuss an individual plan of our cooperation.


  • Profile evaluation
  • Receiving bonuses for accessing profiles


  • 1 filter template
  • All relevant resumes incoming to the base within three months
$20 / 3 months Buy


  • 10 filter templates
  • All relevant resumes incoming to the base within six months
$100 / 6 months Buy


  • Extended access
  • Special offers and individual conditions
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About Us

We are HR professionals with many years working in the tech market. We tested the technology used for a year using telegram bots, where it proved to be beneficial. Also, our team is developing services Salary2me and Teamconstructor. We are based in Minsk, Belarus